Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain originates from compression of the median nerve at the wrist by flexor retinaculum. The pain can also occur at the elbow. The pain radiates from the wrist commonly into the third and fourth fingers. The pain is intermittent or constant, sharp, shooting or throbbing in nature. The pain is commonly seen in people who work on computers. The pain is aggravated in pregnancy. The diagnosis is confirmed by Nerve Conduction Velocity test.


The conservative is tried initially. If it is not successful, then surgery is done. The various forms of treatment are:

1. Splints on the wrists
2. Wrist injection - A mixture of local anesthetic and steroid is injected to block the median nerve. This may also be performed at the elbow if the pain is in the elbow area.
3. Surgery - If conservative treatment fails, surgery is done to relieve pressure on the median nerve.